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Certified Astrology Readings

Astro Huns Readings are suitable for experienced Astrology lovers and curious newcomers alike. All Readings are profesh and affordable, and are broken down into simple terms so even Susan will be able to understand. There are a variety of Birth Chart, Forecast and Synastry Written Reading Reports available, that will be emailed in PDF format to the email address provided upon booking. You can also book a one-on-one consultation via zoom or in person (Dublin only) to discuss your Birth Chart, how upcoming transits will affect you or whatever your little Astro Hun heart desires.


DISCLAIMER: "Astrology isn't prescriptive, it's perspective" (Aliza Kelly)

Astrological Readings are all interpretative and each astrologer reading a chart brings their own bias, experiences etc. to their Readings. Astro Huns Readings are designed to encourage self-discovery and self-reflection all in the name of fun. Therefore, don't go quitting your job just because your Reading says you'd be suited to a different career, Hun. 

Please note, buy purchasing a Reading Report or booking a Consultation, you are agreeing to the Terms and Condish-Huns below.

Reading Reports

These Readings are all done virtually and a

typed report will be emailed to you. Gorj.

Consultations unavailable

In-person consultations are unavailable right now while we search for a new venue. Soz, Huns! Please send an email to if you'd like to arrange a Zoom Consultation.

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