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Elasticated crystals chip bracelet

A variety of crystal options available;

- Unakite: beautiful stone for emotional healing, soothing tranquil vibes. Useful for third eye chakra to enhance visions and heart chakra to balance emotions.

- Green aventurine: positive stone for prosperity, dispelling negative emotions and promoting spiritual growth. Activates heart chakra.

- Carnelian: Energising Crystal and stone of courage,endurance and motivation. Linked with sacral chakra.

- Natural tree agate: Rebalances hand harmonises body, mind and spirit. Connected to heart chakra.

- Yellow agate: Can reinforce happiness and prosperity, believed to bring good health and well-being. Associated with solar plexus.

- Citrine: Stone of positivity and optimism. Useful in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities. Supports solar plexus chakra.

- Rose quartz: Restores trust and harmony and encourages unconditional love. Associated with heart chakra.

- White howlite: Encourages patience and perseverance, reduce stress and protect against anger from others. Activates inner wisdom with third eye chakra.

- Obsidian: Powerful cleanser and physic protection stone. Helps to shield you against negativity. Benefits root chakra.

Crystal Chip Bracelet

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